(x)odus is a project that supports and encourages the rebuilding of lives that have been affected by man-caused displacement.  


Each (x)odus product begins its life as an empty ingredient bag that has been used by a restaurant in Amman, Jordan. Once collected, the women up-cycle these bags that once used to hold ingredients to bags that can now hold ones personal belongings.

Bags similar in size and material have been used by millions of people around the world to carry their own personal belongings across borders, when fleeing their homes and country due to man caused displacement. 


The word "hope"is embroidered onto each and every tote bag, which embodies the mindset and attitude displaced people have when leaving their homes behind in search for a life free of terrorism and oppression. In hopes that they will find security and peace in a country other than their own. In hopes that they will one day return to their own country and to their own homes.  


"All of a sudden we had two suitcases on a boat going to the unknown."

- Leila Khoury Nimry

All (x)odus products are handcrafted by a group of displaced Syrian, Palestinian and Iraqi women, utilizing their intricate and advance level of embroidery and tailoring skills to create each and every bag that is made.  

Deconstructing: (x)odus

The word "(x)odus" is derived from the term "exodus". 

definition of "exodus": a mass departure of people, especially emigrants

synonyms include:  

mass departure, withdrawal, evacuation, leaving; migration, emigration; flight, escape, fleeing.

The letter "x" is placed in parenthesis like so "(x)". This allows the letter "x" to be a variable - a vacant space, available to any and all tragic events caused by man-caused displacement from all around the world


(x)odus is a project inspired by Leila Khoury Nimry who was forced to flee her home, Palestine, in 1948 due to invasion, occupation and apartheid. In ‘Meet Leila’ she introduces us to the events she experienced throughout and as a result of this exodus; memories that have been engraved in her mind since the vulnerable age of 13.


All film photographs were captured at Kermanshah Oriental Rugs Gallery in New York.